What To Do At The Dealership?

I’m Pre-Approved, Now What Should I Do at the dealership?

This is a great question, our loan expert gave us their recommendations.


  1. Visit a specialized Dealer, for example, if you are looking for a Chevrolet or Ford, make sure to go to a Chevrolet or Ford dealership, their mechanics are certified and specialize on the leading brand the dealership sells.
  2. Based on your pre-approved amount, do a research and compare different vehicles so you can get the best possible option
  3.  Once you get to the dealership let a sales representative know you are pre-approved by Beacon Federal Credit Union so you can start the negotiation process by having control of the amount you can expend on your new car.
  4. Once you have selected your car, request a Purchase Order from the dealer and submit it to us, we will send you all the documentation via email, and you can sign electronically through Docu sign, Easy!


You will be driving your new car within hours!


As you can see, getting pre-approved can save you time and money, it lets you have full control over your negotiation process.

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